2024 HGOC Event #3

AMRAP 15 minutes:


Toes to Bar


Box jump


Toes to Bar
Thruster, 95/65#
Box Jump, 24/20″


Toes to Hips
Thruster, 75/65#
Box Jump or Step Up, 24/20″

Workout Flow

This workout begins with the athletes barbell loaded to the appropriate weight, on the floor, with athletes standing tall behind their barbells. At the call of “3, 2, 1, go!” athletes will complete 3 toes to bar, then 3 thrusters, then three box jumps. They will then had back to the pull up bar and complete 6 toes to bar, 6 thrusters, and 6 box jumps. The next round will be 9 toes to bar, 9 thrusters, and 9 box jumps. After each round the repetitions per movement will go up by 3. 

Workout Notes

  • Athletes may use gymnastic grips OR tape the pull up bar, but cannot do both.
  • Barbells must always be evenly loaded and have properly secured collars.
  • The Rx version of a box jump is a two-footed take off and landing. Athletes may jump or step down.
  • The Scaled version of a box jump can include a two-footed take off and landing or a box step up. Athletes may jump or step down.


Score is total repetitions accumulated in 15 minutes.